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Welcome to the pages of the Internet exhibition on women who voluntarily served and fought in foreign military units during the Second World War in the Soviet Union, England, Yugoslavia and in the Middle East.

Our main aim has been to create a documentary record that will be useful for the needs of education and also historical research and other scientific purposes. We believe that history ought to be a public matter and so this documentary has been made as a non-profit venture and is freely accessible. We hope that the exhibition lives up to our aims.

We would be delighted if you decided to use the text presented here for scholarly, journalistic or educational purposes. Please respect authorial and reproduction rights and acknowledge our work in full whenever you use it. And please inform us when you use the text or photographs. We would also ask that in your future use of the material you respect the memory of the women to whom this exhibition is devoted.

We would like to cordially thank our sponsors for financially supporting this project. Our thanks are due above all to the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic, CZ LOKO inc., The Ludvík Svoboda Society, and the Grant Fund of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno.

Mgr. Alena Vitáková amd Miroslav Klusák

If you are one of the women veterans yourself, or your mother, grandmother or great grandmother served in the army during the Second World War and you have photos or documents at home relating to these themes and are willing to lend them to be digitized, please contact us.

Photo Album

Take a look at more than 650 period photographs, most of them never published before.

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List of Names

Here you can find the names of all the women who joined the Czechoslovak Army during the Second World War. As of today the list contains 1,056 names of women soldiers.

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In this section you can read (only in Czech) about the lives of women soldiers and their families.

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